List Of Hardware Shops In Male Maldives With Contact Details

Having a handy list of hardware shops in Maldives will be helpful to source items to resorts. There are many foreigners working in the Maldives who are not familiar with local shops. Investors could also make use of this to get prices to make BOQ for various construction projects such as resort development, real estate or investment financing.

maldives hardware shops

Fahamas Hardware
Maafannu, Majeedhee Magu, Male'
Tel: +960 3312145

Alia Store
Alia, Maafannu, Haveeree Hingun, Male'
Tel: +960 3322835

Albion Store
No.44, Maafannu, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male'
Tel: +960 3321550

AH Brothers
Maafannu, Majeedhee MAgu, Male'
Tel: +960 3320088

AH Brothers 1
V.Atoll Fihaara Irumatheebai, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male'
Tel: +960 3335038

Sonee Hardware
Emboogasdhoshuge, Henveyru, Janavaree Magu, Male'
Tel: +960 3306300

MMI Store 1
Goalhi No.1, Ahmadhee Bazaar, Shop No.4, Male'
Tel: +960 3334411

Baseline Hardware
Fathangu, Sosun Magu, Henveyru, Male'
Tel: +960 3345788

Bright Brothers Showcase
Rowville, Fareedhee Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3318214

Coastline Hardware
Ocean Lead, Madheedhee Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3312140

Damas Hardware
Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3333000

Damas Material Hardware
Lainoofaru Hingun, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3304865

Damas Paint Mart
Ameenee Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3333000

Ground Fos Pump Store
Orchid Vaadhee, 1st Floor, Fareedhee Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3305567

Hardware Gold
Vinson, Majeedhee Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3316339

construction site

IMM Store 2
IMD Building, Ground Floor, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male'
Tel: +960 3334412

Nazaki Traders
Minaadhooge, Majeedhee Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3310580

Page Hardware
Shop No.14, Orchid Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3308090

Pan Timber
Sunny Inn, Kanbaa Aisa Rani Hingun, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3316816

Pan Timber 2
Fulooniyaa Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3336596

Pink Hardware
Pink Dream, Nikagas Magu, Machangolhi, Male'
Tel: +960 3331913

Rainbow Enterprises Pvt Ltd
Maarana, Alikilegefaanu Magu, Galolhu, Male'
Tel: +960 3335607

Selby Star
Frenzy, Nikagas Magu, Machangolhi, Male'
Tel: +960 3337557

Sirius 1
Fange, Majeedhee Magu, Galolhu, Male'
Tel: +960 3318798

Sonee Hardware
Shine Tree Building, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male'
Tel: +960 3306340

Sonee Hardware
Fehifashuviaage, Janavaree Magu, Henveyru, Male'
Tel: +3306330

Sonee Hardware
Veenus, Majeedhee Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3306310

Majeedhee Magi, Henveyru, Male'
Tel: +960 3321250

Sparks 1
Quest, Alikilegefaanu Magu, Galolhu, Male'
Tel: +960 3329258

Steel Hardware
Filaa Building 2, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male'
Tel: +960 3341512

STO People's Choice Construction Materials
Ameenee Magu, Male'
Tel: +960 3012418

STO People's Choice Home Improvement
Haveeree Hingun, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3344289

Sun Front Light Shop
Iraakumaage, Majeedhee Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3315522

Tepcon Hardware
Bodukunnaaruge, Janavaree Magu, Henveyru, Male'
Tel: +960 3002022

Tepcon Hardware 2
Haveeree Hingun, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3312022

Timber Store 4
Ford, Izzundheen Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3342705

Veligaa Hardware 1
Veliga, Muiveyo Goalhi, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3333881

Waadhee Hardware 1
No.6, Orchid Magu, Male'
Tel: +960 3313360

Wind Ward Hardware
Ibrahim Hassan Didi Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3320357

ace hardware

Ace Hardware & Home Centre
Alhivilaa Magu, Maafannu, Male'
Tel: +960 3000033
List of hardware shops in Male Maldives with contact details. #Maldives #Shops #Hardware #Construction


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