News: GMR Looking For Suppliers From Maldives

10 Jan 2014: GMR Group of India has started sourcing suppliers and partners from Maldives. Currently there is an advertisement on Miadhu News website that shows a banner linked to the supplier database of the GMR Group. Nothing further has been mentioned.

Photo: Advertisement on Miadhu News Online

Male' International Airport was managed by GMR Group for more than an year and it was taken by the previous government. The legal battle began and case is still in court. The Maldives airport was highly profitable and GMR has been fighting the long battle to get back the airport. GRM has repeated expressed their interests on Maldives airport.

President of Maldives, His Excellency Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayroom return from an official trip to India on 4th January 2014. The case of GMR was discussed by his counterparts from India during the visit. There has been a rumour that the government would give back the airport, but the president said effort will be put in place to solve the case peacefully for mutual benefit.

Just a week after President of Maldives returned from his official visit to India, GMR Group starts advertising to source suppliers and partners. What's happening? you may ask. Maldivesfinest cannot confirm anything further than this advertisement on Midhu News Online. It could be that the company is getting ready just in case, or there has already been some sorts of agreements between the Maldives government and GMR. If a conclusion has been already reached, it wouldnt take long for the news to make headlines.

Note: Multiple ads are displayed on same slot on Miadhu News. You may have to refresh the page multiple times to see the actual ad there.

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