Get Slim In Maldives With Noni Fruit

Ever heard of noni fruit? Maldivesfinest is looking for tourists who like to try out this fruit and get slim. Information on internet about this fruit has impressed us so much that we want to do our own test. It is labelled as one of the super fruits, helps slimming and also fights cancer. Noni fruit is native to Maldives, you can find it in many bigger islands. People actually dont now its heath benefits. Unlike other fruits noni is spicy in taste. Despite its unpleasant smell it doesnt taste bad actually. But, people dont usually eat this fruit and its left out on the trees.


Under "get slim with noni fruit" project Maldivesfinest will arrange guesthouse accommodation for a couple for $100 per night. We will supply noni fruits for free. Guests should agree to provide us a picture before starting the diet, then another picture after the test, also tell about your experience. We plan to conduct this study for 3 weeks.


The pharmaceutical industry is selling many slimming agents. But, when you have this amazing fruit that is said to help slimming, why not give it a try? After all its just a fruit, not a drug. And its said to have many other health benefits. We are interested in exploring the benefits of this organic method. So, if you are interested please do contact us. We will take a few guests for this test and based on the results we plan to develop this segment as a tourism product.

Video: a testimonial of a person claimed to have reversed cancer

Video: a scientific approach to noni fruit

P.S: information presented in this post is based on online research only.


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