Escape The Coronavirus Covid-19 In Safe Heaven Of Maldives At 50% Discount

15 MARCH 2020
The new pandemic Coronavirus Covid-19 is swiftly multiplying across the globe, the virus has also reached Maldives but the island nation still remains a safe heaven. Tourism Minister Honourable Ali Waheed recently said that Covid19 had caused a drop of tourism by 29.5% which indicates that 70.5% of Maldives travelers are still in good faith to fulfil their dreams of visiting the world’s most romantic destination. What does this mean?

Why is the Maldives still safer than most countries?

Covid-19 is spreading globally. If it has not reached your country yet it is likely to make it there sooner or later. The wish is good health for everyone, but the facts cannot be denied. The virus is travelling fast from country to country and city to city. It is important to be in the right place.

Tourism is the lifeblood of the Maldives economy, without it the citizens would have eat grass (literally). While politic is a big part of the small country any government would want to protect and preserve the tourism industry, without tourism it would hard to win the heart of the citizens, less inflow of income also means less money to play around in terms of corruption. It is apparent that in Maldives there is strong trust in government and systems in place to tackle the pandemic.

Geographical formation of the Maldives with 1192 islands make it easier to contain the disease by restricting transfers. The government has started playing this card. Strict transfer restrictions are imposed to any island which finds suspicious coronavirus case, performs contact trace-back and isolates all suspicious people. After tests only if it turns negative the island is released from restrictions. Any positive case of Covid19 means the island would be put on lockdown and strict monitoring by the authorities. While the government policies are helping in the fight against coronavirus the dispersion of tourists and locals into several small islands make it more practical in containing the epidemic.

Some health officials tend to believe the temperatures of more than 30 Degree Celsius kills Coronavirus. Usual temperature in the Maldives is 27 - 31 degrees throughout the year. It seems there is a fair chance of getting the viruses killed by temperature alone. Some sources say the virus could get killed in temperatures lesser than this. The topic is still controversial in the scientific community as the virus is still new. One of the most famous figures expecting summer sunshine to kill coronavirus is Donald Trump.

If you are still not convinced enough there are more reasons to be mentioned. But, the three above deems understandable for any ordinary person with fair amount of IQ. Moving forward, the Maldives is not a cheap country, it takes a fortune to visit for honeymoon, let alone finding refuge there from coronavirus. If you are thinking like this then you are not alone. But, the fact is that Maldives tourism is now diversifies with presence of guesthouses that cater for budget holidays and resorts from four star to five serving middle to high class guests.

Special discount to escape from Covid-19

If you are planning to visit Maldives to escape from Covid-19 the Maldives Finest is here to help you get a special discount of upto 50% on the room rate. We have 3 conditions.
• The stay must be of minimum 30 days.
• The stay period is 15 March 2020 – 30 June 2020.
• Your nationality should not be in government’s entry-deny-list, see the list of banned nationalities. Please note that list may be updated by the authorities without prior notice.

As an extra step of prevention the guests may take their meals in the villa, so that they do not have to visit the main restaurant and get in close proximity with other guests.

You can choose the class of hotel or resort you would like to stay. Just use the Contact Form to get in touch with us. Tell us your budget per night and preferred type of accommodation.

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Nationalities banned from entry to Maldives due to Coronavirus Covid-19

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