You Should Also Watch A Movie When You Are In Maldives

Movies may be the last thing to talk about when it comes to Maldives. I have been to many resorts where there is a movie night once a week. This usually happens in the bar after dinner. In my visits to different resorts most of the time I saw action movies, occasionally there were romantic ones and some comedy too. Sometimes I saw German and Chinese movies too. None of the movie nights I took part got remarkable support from guests. Guests would rather enjoy talking to each other. That was the traditional movie night. Now there is a whole new concept to this.

Overwater Cinema At Soneva Jani

soneva jani movie cinema

At Soneva Jani there is a large screen standing alone in the lagoon. Nearby is a small pavilion for people to stay, it has indoor areas and outdoor hammocks over the water. When you go there you see the pictures on screen, but no sound at all, only sound is the waves. Then they give you ear pods to listen. You enjoy watching movies in the silence of nature, without being disturbed to other guests.

When you are on a three week honeymoon holiday it would be a great idea to visit this overwater cinema and enjoy the first movie you watched together.

Back home in the cities, things you can do are very limited. That’s why many people go for movies. After you start dating it wouldn’t often take long before you end up on a movie. But, I am quite not sure if you really remember the first movie watched together. If you do remember, it would be a nice idea to watch it once again when you are in the Maldives. Watch it the Maldives style!

You could also make it a surprise to your partner. Just arrange a private movie session with some drinks. It would be great to bring back the memories of your early life together.

Cinema Near Beach At Constance Halaveli

constance halaveli private movie
At Constance Halaveli the cinema is near the beach, under palm trees. This is wonderful private cinema. There is a large red daybed full of cushions. You could order whatever food you like and have it setup on a table next to you. Can you imagine what would you feel when you see the first movie you watched together with your partner? I am guessing the comfort of this bay bed and tranquility in the atmosphere will make you spend much more time here than just the movie time.

Sunset Beach Cinema At One&Only Reethi Rah

reethi rah movie on beach
If you are on holiday with some friend One&Only Reethi Rah is home to an amazing make-shift cinema on the beach, under the palm trees. While it is also possible to make this a private affair it is an amazing atmosphere to watch a movie together and dine together as you enjoy talking about the highlights of the movie. What kind of movie you want to watch? There is a real bon fire in front of you. I would personally prefer something that shows winter time, something that has a beautiful story with some action.

Cinema In Natural Vegetation At Gili Lankanfushi

gili lankanfushi movie screen
Gili Lankanfushi is one of the top resorts on Maldives Finest Ranking and they too have an outdoor cinema where screen stands still on the white sand. Natural vegetation runs behind the screen and around. This exposes the screen better and makes pictures more vibrant as you enjoy watching your favourite movie on a lounger. Your drinks are placed a side table. You can watch the movie while having dinner, or decide your own way.
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