A Supernatural Approach To Locate MH370 Flight

29 NOVEMBER 2016
Do you believe in spirits? This is a man who captures spirits and interact with them on video. His name is Ben Halima Abderraouf. Born to an American mother and Tunisian father, he lives in France. Ben Halima uses the power Koran to summon spirits to a human body. From a single spirit to hundreds could fit in one human body. One of the spirits then take control of the body and uses body's speech to speak but the tone and behaviour are different.

According to Ben Halima you cannot summon spirits to the body of just any human being. It must be a body that was possessed by spirits at some of time. Since Ben Halima had helped many people to get rid of the spirits living in them he definitely knows and have access to some of them.

I have just send him a message asking if he could ask spirits about the location of missing MH370 flight.

Spirits often do not tell everything you ask. In that case the power of Koran could be used to punish them. Video provide Ben Halima was amazingly successful in controlling them.

Like human beings spirits do not know everything. But, there may be spirits who have knowledge of an airline that went down as this does not happen frequently. So, in my mind there is a strong likelihood that Ben Halima could get hold some of those spirits and could find out something, possibly the location of the missing flight.

I understand there may be lot of people who do not believe in spirits or supernatural events. What if Ben Halima tells you the flight location? Would you then believe in the unseen world?

Ben Halima has not replied to me, I sent him message just few minutes back. I will update this post once he has replied, or if no reply after few days.

19 March 2018: After few years I have noticed many people are still reading this post. When I first wrote I was really convinced of this theory and still I am. But, I am thinking to myself who else are on the same track as me? Lot of people do not believe in the unseen.

Its been a few years and Ben Halima had not responded to me. I just sent him another email, let's see if he responds this time. I strongly believe be could shed some light on this mysterious case. After all, every other means had turned out fruitless so far. If you are still not convinced of Ben Halima I suggest you open youtube and search "Ben Halima". It is amazing how he applies power of Koran on spirits and how quickly it affects them.

Update: Just got the reply from Sheikh Ben Halima and he had already done the video. Watch the footage.
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Spiritual healer asks Jinn about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370

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