Jaw Dropping Pictures Of Maldives By Sergey Dolya

I saw one of these pictures circulating on the social media. I thought it was photoshoped. Stingray feeding is real and happens in many resorts but huge jackfish inches away from the beach is rare and astonishing. That was the reason I thought it would probably be a creation of Photoshop.

fish at beach

Then, to my surprise, came across Sergey Dolya on Livejournal. Not only he got many pictures of this event but there was a video too. I had to believe it is real. These fish feeding photos and video were shot at Jumeirah Vittaveli Maldives.

I wrote immediately to Sergey and he was kind enough to allow me share these wonderful pictures on Maldives Finest. To see more pictures visit Sergeydolya on Livejournal.

fish feeding

stingray feeding



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