Enough Of MH370 Conspiracy Theories? These Are The Facts You Cant Deny.

Not long after MH370 Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was speculated in relation to terrorism the new theory suggests possible heroism to prevent another 9/11 style attack. The stories are going from one extreme to another, without facts, and birth of new conspiracy theories seem far from over. In a climate like this, it may be good to recall some key facts and brainstorm a little bit to eliminate some of those conspiracy theories.


1. MH370 changed course and came back near Malaysia. There are conflicting reports about the exact location, but all indicates it came back near Malaysia.

2. Some mobile phones of the crew were turned on, the ping was picked up by more than one cell tower in Malaysia.

3. There has been no proof of any bit that suggests possible terrorism involving captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah or the co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid.

Now let’s go a little deeper into these facts in a way that makes most sense if not all.

The flight simulator found at captain Shah’s apartment did not reveal anything suspicious for an open minded person. If he wanted a simulator to practice a terror plot he would not need 4 screens for that, just 1 would have been enough. And that also could be have been trashed out after such a training. To me the simulator suggests only one thing – he was passionate about flying.

The cellphones of crew pinged to the cell towers, if there was a terrorist plot by the crew the phones would most probably be turned off. While the passengers are asked to turn off cell phones in flights there are people who fly frequently but never turn phone off.

The fact that MH370 turned back towards Malaysia is an important fact. You can come up with possible terrorism or heroism theories but the most relevant would be that it was an attempt to land at an airport off land. To commit terrorism or heroism there other options than turning back and coming near Malaysia, such options sound more effective towards achieving objective than coming back to the vicinity of Malaysia.
Enough of #MH370 conspiracy theories? These are the facts you cant deny.


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