3 Amazing Maldives Water Villas With Glass Floor For 2024

A fantastic water villa is incomplete without glass floor. While it makes you feel the villa is more spacious it greatly enhances the experience of living overwater. Whenever you pass by or walk over you are curious if is a beautiful fish that may suddenly show up. That happens every now and then. It is a timeless experience. Different specifies of fish behaves differently and Blue Surgeonfish is among my favourites of the many. Not only they look gorgeous they also swims around playfully as if they have no stress of any kind. Guests visit Maldives to relieve stress, connect with the nature and make beautiful memories. The Blue Surgeonfish could be a good role model.

Ocean House at Nautilus Maldives

Ocean House - The Nautilus Maldives

Glass floor lets you see waves in comfort of the villa. Your villa may have a private pool or an outdoor sundeck. Staying in the sun for too long may be uncomfortable as Maldives is quite humid. Pool would be wonderful as it keeps you chilled. But, you would want to try new experiences and glass flooring is a simple touch of elegance and refinement that enriches the experience. It reflects natural light into the room. Frequent sight of waves makes you feel closer to the nature. Starring at the glass floor could be memorable highlight of your Maldives holiday.

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The Nautilus Maldives is a luxury private island located in the biosphere reserve of Baa Atoll. It’s Ocean House is a marvel for overwater experience. The villa is mainly housed under 3 gazebos. In the middle is the bedroom, one side is bathroom and other is the living room. Glass floor is located in the living room with comfy seatings and television. The soft rug enables you sit down on the floor if you want it that way. Otherwise, your butler would be glad to re-arrange the seatings for your liking. Frequently walking over the glass as you move between the living room and bedroom makes the villa feel more pleasant.

Ocean Residence - The Nautilus Maldives

Ocean Residence is another villa that includes the glass floor. There are only 2 units in this category and pool is slightly bigger and view opens up wider. Interior it very similar to the Ocean House. If you would like to pay for a better well-positioned villa then it would be the Ocean Residence. Ocean House gives more value and some of the villas are very close to the beach. Some guests may prefer to see view closer to the beach while others want open oceanic views with gentle breeze.


Water Villas At Waldorf Astoria Maldives

Waldorf Astoria Maldives is one of the world’s top luxury resorts. The King Overwater Villa comes with a humongous bathroom with high roofs. Both the bedroom and bathroom face the infinity pool that overlooks the blue shades of Indian Ocean. This luxurious abode is complemented with a glass flooring at the wardrobes. While you are dressing up you could be staring at fish that swims below. Otherwise seeing the sea with waves makes it extra soothing for the senses. This resort is among the most inquired and requested islands on Maldives Finest.

King Overwater Villa - Waldorf Astoria Maldives

The King Overwater Villa also has another version called King Grand Overwater Villa which is slightly bigger. It too comes with glass panel on the floor. Interior and exterior of the villa are very similar, differences are very unnoticeable and minor except the size. The Two Bedroom Overwater Villa is ideal for families with kids who can swim. Beach are ideal for none-swimmers. To accommodate kids in water villa you may have to sign a waiver form as safety is a concern. However, it is common in Maldives that parents sign the document and stay in water villas with kids. Even kids who can swim should not go alone without parental supervision. Even adults should not go far from villa alone, even if you are a stronger swimmer, for safety reasons it is also advisable to go snorkeling or swimming in the sea in pairs or groups.

Two Bedroom Overwater Villa - Waldorf Astoria Maldives

In 2 bedroom villas there is 1 double room for couple and 1 twin room for children. There are 2 bathrooms and a common living room in the middle. There are 4 doors at different locations that open up to the pool and the sun deck. Whether you are in living room, bathroom or bedroom you can conveniently shift between poolside and interior without passing to other sections.

Another version of water villa offers 2 queen beds instead of 1 double bed. This would be perfect for grown up children who can live on their own without parental presence. This is a single bedroom villa with 2 queen beds positioned side by side. There facilities, including the glass floor at the wardrobe, are very similar if not exactly same as the King Overwater Villa. All villas in Waldorf Astoria Maldives comes with private pool. If you need more space the same configuration is available as grand villas.

Three Bedroom Overwater Villa - Waldorf Astoria Maldives

Three Bedroom Overwater Villa With Pool is the biggest accommodation available in Waldorf Astoria. It is comprised of a two-bedroom villa and a single bedroom villa accessible from outside. There is a butler quarter located outside that can serve for these 2 villas. There 2 bedrooms with double bed, and 1 room with twin beds. One of the villas come with a massive private pool and other villa’s pool is in usual size commonly found in the island.


Wow Ocean Escape at W Maldives

Wow Ocean Escape is a water villa at W Maldives that measures 323 sqm in size. This is one of the well-known international brands near Male’ and the Velana International Airport. The resort comes with only 77 rooms of which 27 are various types of beach villas and remaining are located overwater. There are few categories that contain glass floor but the best one among those is the Wow Ocean Escape. Private pool and luxury amenities are included.

If you are planning a family escape that needs 2 bedrooms and glass flooring feature the best option available in W Maldives is the Extreme Wow Suite. One bedroom comes with king size bed while other contains twin beds, making this ideal choice for families. We always advice families to take care of children while staying in water villas as a safety precaution as children may wander around and attempt to discover sea life by themselves when parents are not paying attention. Even the kids who can swim should be left unattended if accommodated in water villa. Sea currents vary at different locations of the island and at different times and seasons, that is common in the Maldives. The glass floor found in these 2 rooms some of the most impressive in any Maldives resort or private island. The panels are huge, giving wide views of events taking place beneath. W Maldives is also known to have rich house reef.


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