Married Woman Falls To Her Waiter On Their Maldives Holiday

20 JUNE 2017
A lot of men seems to think Maldives is the symbol of love and romance. That’s why many of the travelers visiting Maldives are honeymooners. You want your honeymoon to be once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. Yes, Maldives fulfills your paradise dream, that works to almost all tourists. But, to one unlucky man his Maldives trip turned to a once-in-a-lifetime bad experience.

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A Swiss couple chose a five star resort in northern parts of the Maldives. The woman looked in her early thirties, the man close to forty. Everything was wonderful on arrival and they quickly fell in love with the beautiful nature. Days passed, nothing was out of the ordinary. Both enjoyed like any other couple in the resort. After 2 weeks their holiday came to an end. It was time for departure. After good byes the seaplane took off and they were gone.

Two months went by, and all of a sudden the same woman comes to resort. This time she was all alone. Perhaps her partner couldn’t get leave from his job or he was too busy with work, so he couldn’t come. And the woman must have had a really good stay before, so she couldn’t resist coming back quickly. For many staff it was remarkable but not unusual.

Like other solo travelers the Swiss woman kept enjoying her holiday in paradise; joining excursions, enjoying cocktails in the bar and talking to different staff. Things seemed happening as usual as staff comes to duty, work hard to make all guests happy and end their duty shifts.

A week passed, and her man arrives. This time he stays alone, in a different room. They don’t dine together and don’t talk much. Both were on their own. He was not just more frequent in the bar, he became a heavy drinker. Woman spends most of her time in the room.

Now the other waiters had realized everything. They had noticed the woman was spending a lot of time talking her waiter. The couple was not staying together. But the man never reported the incident to the management. He shared it with some staff working at the bar. Restaurant waiters were able to get the full picture.

After holiday both of them departed the same day. None of them ever came back, at least not yet or not to that resort. The woman realised her mistakes and man forgave her? Or both went their own separate ways?

Author’s Note: I personally know this waiter and but the incident was written the way his colleagues told me, he himself did not share this with me. If this post gets shared on social media it would eventually reach this waiter, and possibly the guests as well. It would be nice if they reveal their current status! If you are planning a trip to Maldives and concerned about this, remember its not the place but people who make wrong turns. Maldives is probably the least risky destination even on the concerned aspect.
Married Woman Falls To Her Waiter On Their Maldives Holiday. #Maldives #Malediven #LoveStory #Honeymoon


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