Zika risk?

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I am looking for some local information about the Zika risk in the Maldives.
Are they conducting surveillance? Are there local cases?
2016-12-03 05:13:59

Country unknown
@lizgreig According to local media in Dhivehi language there is no evident case of Zika in Maldives. However, 2 tourists were found having Zika upon their return from Maldives. It was not clear from where these tourists got infected because they travelled Africa and other destination prior to visiting Maldives. Last month tourist arrival increased by 11% which means tourists are not so much stressed out on issues like this. Also, resorts do fumigate regularly. But, I would suggest to use mosquito repellent cream as well for an extra precaution.
2016-12-10 11:15:52
Country unknown
@lizgreig Just to update you today the local papers reported of 2 confirmed cases involving locals from capital Male. Do note that fumigation is a common practice in all resorts but not in local islands. That might have been the reason that zika was not found in resorts so far. thanks
2016-12-17 23:03:37


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