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Do the more remote resorts require guests to use seaplane transfers or are guests free to arrange their own transfers from Male? I’ve visited the Maldives before (at Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa) and we did use the seaplane service but I was wondering if, in the future, we could use a third party speed boat service instead.

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Daniel Koebel (USA)
2018-03-20 19:09:30

Country unknown
@1047 Hi Daniel, thanks for liking our website. About your question, almost all resorts require transfer to be arranged through them or your travel agent with whom you booked your holiday. Resorts or travel agents usually gives transfer options to guests to decide when there is more than 1 option of cause. There are many resorts now that you can travel by domestic flight, such as in baa atoll. Check our map for airports and resorts close by should offer domestic flight transfer which is cheaper than seaplane. If you want to arrange your own transfer to airport, you need to contact the resort on advance and inform them in writing. There are some cases resorts allow personal arrangement, such as when you stay in another near by resort and move on. Many guests also stay in local guesthouses and move to resort to spend a few nights there. In such cases guests need to contact resort and keep informed, so that resort will not book your flight ticket. Hope this helps. Thanks a lot and have a nice day.
2018-03-22 07:04:55


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