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We are planning a 3 or 4 night trip in mid July 2018. But selecting the resorts has become very confusing. We want to relax, click some nice pictures, enjoy some water activities in overwater/lagoon villa. We were maiming looking out for a pictursque resort. But day by day it's getting confusing.
Finally we narrowed down to resorts like Anantara Veli, Anantara Dhigu and Amari Havoda...this is the maximum we can afford..any suggestion in these three..which one to go for?
2017-12-31 14:37:37

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@1042 Our resort ranking shows Anantara Veli guests were happier than other two. But, Anantara Dhigu is certainly more picturesquare. The lagoon at Dhigu looks clearer and Veli has coral in some areas. Overall architecture of Dhigu is nicer in my personal view. There is a nice Italian restaurant over the water, also the overwater spa is a beautiful landmark. The infinity pool on the beach is also very picturesquare. So, I would easily pick Anantara Dhigu. I have not personally seen Amari Havoddaa, based on guest feedback it has not made it to Top 50 on the ranking, link in menu bar. Amari is quite far from airport, considering you want to spend just 3 or 4 nights I would advice not to travel too far from airport. Anantara Veli and Dhigu are both very close to each other in the same lagoon, it is very close to airport. Hope this helps and wish you are wonderful holiday in Maldives.
2018-01-02 14:29:06
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@1042 My family visited the Maldives last year and we stayed at a beautiful resort called “Vakkaru Maldives”. The overwater villas are made using natural resources giving it a soothing atmosphere. You can engage in snorkelling, parasailing, whale watching, fishing, and many more other fun water activities. The amazing dining experience is made much better with the help of private dining spots set around the island. With more fun activities and new things to learn, the venue helped me enjoy the beauty of Maldives.
2021-05-14 14:14:03


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