Paradise Island Resort

Country unknown
Hi I am planning a 7 nights stay at Paradise Island Resort with my wife and our new born early next year. The resort has reasonably priced water bungalows. I could not find water bungalows for similar rates elsewhere. Which also begs the question though it is rated as a 4 star resort why are the rates considerably lower. I intend to do some diving and learn some wind surfing while at the resort. Your advise regarding the above will be most welcome. I
2017-08-31 09:47:43

Country unknown
@1039 I am sorry for the late reply. I dont know if you have already visited the resort or not. Just as you said from price point of view Paradise does offer great value. But, you may want to check Kuramathi. I am sure it will be more expensive but it definitely is a better choice if your budget allows for that.
2017-10-22 02:22:16


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