Moving to the Maldives?

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I'm origin from southern Asia's south; I just wanted to know if people move permanently to the Maldives?
I like the island. But unsure if there's anything I don't know. Preventing that for me to make Maldives a home just for me. My ancestry is adjusted to the geographical location and area. I think it's near the equator.
I read some stuff about it; 1980s economy wise. Um.
. I don't know what that would mean
Are snakes commonly found in homes? I love sea salt and sea life but it's not why I wanted to move there.
I kind of like life in more isolated places. It's very modern in places I've lived and urbanized.
I hope it's a good idea for me.
I know tourism is ok, I m thinking of moving there permanently but couldn't find anything online really.
As a kid I remember seeing it on a map and tourism video and thinking the island would erase in a few decades or go under water.
It was before I learned I didn't want kids or be married.
I think it's a good decision. I don't know my options really but i think there's no immigration info online.
I also don't know anyone there. My contact email is

2019-07-15 23:02:14

Country unknown
@1068 Only people born to a Maldivian father or mother have chances of permanent residency in Maldives. But there are lot of foreigners living in Maldives. They have partnered with Maldivians and invest in businesses which gives them Work Visa to live in the country. Hope this helps.
2021-05-09 20:45:02


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