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We are coming to the Maldives on Sunday. My weather app says it's stormy everyday! Please tell me how the weather is right now
2015-10-15 02:16:21

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Maldives is a tropic country, our experience shows weather forecasts are highly inaccurate. If it shows rainy, take it as it would rain somewhere in the Maldives for some minutes or hours. May I know where you will be staying? So I can check it at closest forecast point.
2015-10-15 08:37:36
Country unknown
@CinnamonTCafe which Island?
2015-10-15 12:33:54
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@CinnamonTCafe Saw your comment on facebook. I checked for Vilamendhoo, weather is not bad at all, but not the best. You may expect little rain and thunder along with good amount of sunshine almost everyday. Bad weather is likely to occur but would clear up pretty quickly. So, I would say it would be good in general.
2015-10-15 14:56:44
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It is quite stange that even in a brand new forum the "starting" topic is "weather forecasts".
2015-10-17 20:23:48
Country unknown
I am visiting Maldives from 2nd December 2017. Will be staying at Amari Havoddva Resort. How will the weather be in the evening, night and early morning ? Do I need to bring some sweaters and warm clothes ?
2017-08-29 07:20:34


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