Maldives declares State Of Emergency

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Maldives has declared State OF Emergency on Wednesday. At a press briefing Mohamed Anil, the Attorney General, said a recent police operation confiscated guns and explosives which are banned from public possession. He said the police intelligence indicates some people are trying to use weapons and explosives to achieve political objectives, hence declared the State OF Emergency from 4th November for 30 days.

State of Emergency has not affected tourism, resorts and tourists facilities are fully operational as normal. Most of the political activities take place in capital Male’. The main airport of Maldives is located in another island named Hulhule’ which is 10 minutes from Male’, you do not have to visit Male’ at all if you are staying in one of the resort islands. Even Male’ seems safe, it is quite and people are living the normal life. Tourists visiting Male’ for sightseeing, shopping and transit seems to have very much reduced.

Feel free to express your concerns if any. If you are currently in Maldives please tell the situation at your location.
2015-11-06 18:35:11

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Not on Maldives at present but after visiting different islands many times I would say. Don't worry the islands will keep you safe and happy
2015-11-07 01:46:21
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Government has announced that State Of Emergency has been brought to an end today at 1700 hrs.
2015-11-10 21:56:27


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