Kuramathi or Meeru Island? Which is better?

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It seems many of the tourists planing for good 4 star resorts compare these two resorts. So, I thought it would be interesting to open a topic here. Below are some of the factors from both the resorts.

Meeru Island Resort is located in North Male' Atoll it takes a 55 minute boat ride to reach the island that is home to 286 rooms on 60 hectres of land. Kuramathi is relatively of the same land area but longer and narrower, its takes 20 minutes by seaplane to reach the 290 room resort.

When it comes to food and beverage both the resorts are very similar in terms of numbers. There are 3 main restaurants in each. Meeru got 6 bars and 3 a-la-carte restaurants. Kuramathi has 5 a-la-carte restaurants and 4 bars.

On Hotel Ranking Kuramathi stands at #38 while Meeru is at #44.

Any more facts and experiences from you?
2015-10-18 22:29:36

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2015-10-19 21:05:28
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@paola Hey, nice to see you here. Is it working now? D
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Meeru was paradise on earth. The warmest of welcomes and smiles. The water is full of beautiful fish and this led me to get my dive qualification. The food was brilliant and the drinks flowed like the smiles of the staff. Swam with eagle Ray's in the lagoon, enjoyed the nightly entertainment. Even though it was 6 years ago, the memories never fade and one day will return.
2015-10-19 21:35:02


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